One of the Best Hostels in Hong Kong: Urban Pack

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As I have mentioned in my last Hong Kong post, we have a limited budget for this trip, so we needed to be thrifty as possible. In most travels, one of the expenses that takes bulk of the budget is the accommodation. But good thing, the concept of backpacker hostels are gaining so much popularity over the years.

In Hong Kong, there are lot of backpacker hostels to choose from, but not all are of quality (if you have been budget travelling, you know what I mean haha). This is our number one concern when we were looking for cheap accommodation. We are aware that quality comes with a price, but not all the time; all it takes is patience in searching and reading lots of recommendations and reviews. Another thing to consider is the location — we are going to tour the city using public transportation, so it should be near bus stops or train stations. Lastly, since we are travelling in a big group of 8, we want a room that will fit us all.

And this is where Urban Pack comes in, it's perfect for our needs! Urban Pack is of quality; it's literally near, like 1 minute away from both a train station and a bus stop; and it offers rooms that accommodates up to eight persons.


Urban Pack is relatively cheap. We were able to get the whole 8-bed Mixed Dorm Room for HK$4560 (PhP27k+ / US$587+) for 3-night's stay. It's only HK$570 (PhP3.3k+ / US$73+) per person. Pretty cheap, right?

We booked this four months before our trip, and the first night, which is the downpayment, is already paid. However, due to some unfortunate circumstance, 3 of our friends backed out one month before the trip. I immediately informed and emailed Urban Pack regarding this, and asked if we can let go of the three beds, and also if we can just pay the remaining balance for the price of five beds. Thankfully, they understood the situation, and they even refunded our first night's payment for the three beds. Thanks, Urban Pack!


Urban Pack is situated at the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui in Kowloon. It is located at the 14th floor of Haiphong Mansion.

From the airport, you need to board the A21 bus and get off at the 13th bus stop at Cameron Road-Nathan Road. As per their website: Walk south along Nathan Road for about 2 minutes. Straight ahead, on Humphreys Ave, turn right cross the 4-way intersection toward Haiphong Road. You will see Haiphong Mansion on your right instantly. The building entrance is next to Luk Fok Jewelry Shop. The hostel is conveniently located directly across Tsim Sha Tsui MTR station, and a bus stop where you can board a bus going to the airport. It is also walking distance to a handful of restaurants, fast foods, money exchanges, and convenience stores.

The Room

We got a room called the 'Green Room', because well, it's green. Haha. It is a mixed room and has 4 bunk beds.

Apologies for the state of our beds. I think these photos were taken on our second night. We are just too tired every day to make our beds. Haha! Anyway, if you will notice, every bed has a small lamp, and power outlets for your charging needs. The beds were comfortable enough, and the linens were freshly changed before our check-in.

They also have gender-specific dorm rooms, and smaller rooms that can accommodate 2 or 4 persons. I have visited their website while writing this post, and found out that they have recently expanded. They now offer en-suites and serviced apartments.In every room, there are available small cabinets with keys where you can store your belongings. As for your luggages, you can keep them below the bunk beds, so they won't get in the way. I find the hostel to be secure, and the other travellers to be trustworthy, so we didn't worry too much about our things.

The Bathroom

Like other hostels, in Urban Pack, the bathrooms are also shared. Luckily for us, during our stay, the floor where we are in, there are only 2 rooms, and the other room is not occupied. We got the bathroom to ourselves!

The bathroom is clean, at least to my standards. Haha! It also has a good scent, like a hotel's, if I may add. I think it is cleaned every morning, and the bath essentials are refilled, at the same time. Also, the shower and the toilet are in separate rooms, which is a great thing.

Tip: Book rooms directly from their website so you'll get complementary towels.


WiFi connection is free and fast. I think this is already deemed as a necessity everywhere, so good thing that Urban Pack is offering it for free. So we were able to post photos in our social media accounts every night before we sleep. Haha! In their reception area, there are free maps and guides for free of use to help you with your trip. And you can actually ask the staff for directions, tips, and places to go -- they are very helpful and friendly. And they speak English! The guy that checked us in is actually a Caucasian, I forgot, but I think he's Australian; and the guy in the photo below, even though a Chinese can speak perfect English! :)

When we booked the room, we were told that they organise weekly outings and gatherings for guests, like hiking, pub crawl, and even BBQ party at their private apartment rooftop. Actually, in our first night, they had a BBQ party at the rooftop, and the guy at the reception invited us. But since we were already exhausted and will have a long day the next day, we politely declined.

If you are staying long term in Hong Kong and want to make friends and socialise with other travellers and backpackers, Urban Pack is perfect place for you. Below is a post I got from their Instagram, so you'll have an idea how gatherings are held there. You can check their Instagram or Facebook pages for more. I'm sure these are fun!

The Cons

The only negative I can think of is we had a late check in. When we arrived, the rooms were not ready yet, so we had to wait for a few minutes as they have to clean the room and change the linens first.

Also, the place might seem cramped and small, especially when it's your first time and used to staying at hotels.That is all, really, and they are not even deal breakers. :-P


Urban Pack is a hip and modern hostel catered specially for young travellers and backpackers alike. It is cheap without compromising its quality and service. The rooms and amenities are good, and most of all, they are clean. And lastly, it is truly a gem because of its location, one of the best there is!We really had a nice experience during our stay. And if I'll be back to Hong Kong with my friends, I'll definitely book a room here again. I'd like to try their new en-suites rooms, or even the serviced apartments.

I'll definitely recommend this place. ;-) Though, I won't recommended it for travelling families, especially with babies and small kids.

Read here what other travellers say about Urban Pack at Trip Advisor.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All thoughts here are honest, organic, and based on actual experience.


Urban Pack Hostel
14F Hai Phong Mansion
53-55 HaiPhong Road Kowloon, Hong Kong
(+852) 2732 2271
Follow them on Facebook and Instagram

Featured photo grabbed from Urban Pack's website.

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