A Day Trip to Macau from Hong Kong

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When we were in Hong Kong, we had a day trip to Macau. Also a China's SAR, it can be reached conveniently via a ferry boat from Hong Kong. Macau is very popular for its casinos, this is why it is dubbed as the Las Vegas of Asia. But the SAR is not just about gambling, its culture is unique and diverse as it was a former colony of Portugal. In every corner of the place, you will see the interesting fusion of both Chinese and Portuguese cultures.

Anyhow, let me share how we explored Macau!

From Hong Kong, we took an early morning ferry trip to Macau. The travel was just less than an hour. After going through immigration, we went to the carpark just outside the ferry terminal to board the free hotel shuttle buses en route to the city proper.

We didn't have a heavy breakfast in Hong Kong, so we decided to eat an early lunch. We ate at Café Quinella, which is a Chinese-Portuegese restaurant.

Afterwards, we went to the Treasure of Sacred Art Museuminside St. Dominic's Church, where they showcased different religious artefacts.

Egg tarts are one of the most famous pastries in Macau influenced by the Portuguese. It is a delicious pastry which has a crisp and crumbly tart shell on the outside, and has rich and creamy custard on the inside. It is definitely a must try!

On this particular stall, called Tea Plus, where they also sell milk teas, is where the Korean series, Boys Over Flowers, shot one of Jandi and Jinhoo's scenes. Their stall became really famous because of their small exposure on the show.

This narrow street is a free food haven. Lol. Almost all the stalls have free food tasting. The beef jerky is the most popular! Believe me when I say you'll be full once you reach the end of the street!

After passing by the street, the iconic Ruins of St. Paul's, standing majestically, will bid you hello.

It was so hot that afternoon, so we were not able to climb up the stairs leading to the ruins. Is there something important to see behind the facade, anyway?!

After resting, we just wandered around the streets. We were actually lost at this point. Lol.

Next on our itinerary was Macau Tower. We went to the observation deck on the 58th floor.

The Macau skyline is so beautiful! Look at the Casino Lisboa -- what a unique and interesting structure!

Our last agenda for the day was to visit the hotels and casinos. Our trip to Macau wouldn't be complete without visiting these places, don't you think?!

And that's it! If you are in Hong Kong, taking a quick day trip to Macau is not such a bad idea. ;-)

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