Found A New Hobby: Figure Collecting

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This hobby is expensive, and it takes a lot of space in my room, but I always feel happy when I look at them. That’s what matters, right? 


Last Wednesday, 1st of April, is actually Sakura Kinomoto’s birthday so it’s just apt to blog about this new hobby of mine. It’s also fitting because she was my first ever figure, and the reason why I love collecting. My wish is to complete all the Sakura figures available! 

This is the first Sakura figure which kickstarted this hobby. And you can say, the rest is history. In August last year, Kevin and I were just browsing for Switch games in a video game and toy store, and I suddenly noticed this. I have been a Cardcaptor Sakura fan since I was young, and seeing that figure reminded me of my childhood, and because it’s so pretty!

Actually, I have been buying some CCS chibi figures prior to this that I have displayed in my bookshelves. But they didn’t trigger me to seriously start collecting. Anyway, after coming home that day, I began searching for other CCS figures, and that’s when I discovered Nendoroids and Figmas.

CCS’ Nendoroids are quite hard to find nowadays, and their prices have doubled or even tripled! But because of my online shopping skills, eagerness, and maybe also luck, I was able to complete them in a month! You can’t imagine the fulfilment I felt seeing them complete! 

On the other hand, that same month, I was able to also complete the Figma line. They are so pretty, right?

Aside from CCS figures, I have branched out my Nendoroid collection into other characters. So far, I have the Nendos of characters from Legend of Zelda, Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend, and Sword Art Online. I also have the most popular Nendo, Miku!

Aside from staring at them and appreciating their cuteness LOL I have been enjoying taking themed photos of them. Here are the photos I took for Halloween and Christmas! 

Kevin has also becoming interested in collecting figures. He has been collecting Gundam Action Figures before, so it’s not entirely new for him. He has bought a lot of Umaru Nendoroids from the anime series, Himouto! Umaru-chan. They’re so cute! He has also managed to cop the extremely rare Necolumbus Scarf edition (the blue one below). If you don’t know this series, check it out on Netflix! It’s a light watch, and it’s so funny!

My next figure wish list are the CCS scale figures! They are not cheap, so I am resisting myself to buy until the wedding. I have been telling Kevin that once we move in together, we should have Detolf shelves full of figures! Haha!

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