25 Things I've Done Before I Turned 25

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I just turned twenty-five three months ago. My original plan was to list all the things I want to do, experience, and achieve before I turn 30. In fact, I have started with the list already. But the other day, I randomly came across this post from Cara and got inspired by it.

So before I finish listing the things I want to do, experience, and achieve before I turn 30, I am going to look back all the significant things that happened to me that made me the 25-year-old person I am now.


Left my comfort zone that is the Philippines, and moved to another country.

I know, I know that I still live with my dad, but for me this is still something because this made me more mature and responsible (or at least I try). Moving to another country where you don't know anyone and you are not familiar with is not easy. Adjusting is not like a walk in the park.

Two, Three, Four.

And with that mentioned, moving to Singapore made me became an actual adult. I now pay bills and rent, do my own (and my dad's) laundry, and cook my own food (sometimes).


Learnt how to drive. I learnt how to drive in 2013 when my father bought me a car.


Graduated from college and got a degree. After 16 freaking years! (But I actually like going to school more than working 😭)


Got a good job.

For me, a good job is a job that can sustain my needs and my wants. I am still working on to find that 'dream' job.

Eight, Nine.

Travelled every year since 2013 with my own money. And also, travelled without my family and planned everything on my own. Hopefully soon, I can try travelling alone (still mustering up my courage to do it!).


Hiked a mountain.

Mt. Batulao. Until now, I still cannot believe I actually hiked and reached the summit of this mountain (hint: it is because I live the most non-active and sedentary lifestyle lol).


Bought gifts and stuff for my parents and sisters using my own (hard-earned) money.

I don't regularly give money to my parents, so I try to make up by buying things they want and need. And I hope I make them happy.


Fell in love. With my best friend. ❤️


Maintained great friendship with these people.


Watched my favourite band live -- Simple Plan.


Saw Roger Federer play tennis in person.

I am still holding on to that dream that I will watch him play live at Wimbledon.


Completed a reading challenge. In 2012. And in 2015.


Travelled to Japan.

Japan is one of my favourite countries, and it was dream come true to finally be able to visit this wonderful country.


Experience a new season. When I went to Japan, I experienced the autumn season for the first time, and it is already my favourite!


Visited Disneyland. I have visited Hong Kong Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea so far!


Visited the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I AM A POTTERHEAD. PERIOD.


Visited Angkor Wat, the largest religious monument in the world, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Bought myself insurance policies. One of the many ways I am trying to 'adult'. And because, future.


Bought myself a luxury item. A Prada bag. Once in a while it's nice to treat yourself (although sometimes I overdo it hehe).


Got featured in a magazine.

I have never imagined I will see my face in a magazine. But it happened! Haha.


Kept a blog that I love and enjoy maintaining. A blog where I can store great memories and milestones like these...

You are currently here. ❤️

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