Simple Plan Live in Singapore

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I have been a fan of Simple Plan since I was in grade school. Since 2002! 14 years ago! I don't usually do favourites, but they are my most favourite band in the world! But in spite of being a fan of them all these years, I have never seen them live until now. They have done three shows back in the Philippines -- all of them I have missed because during those times I cannot afford yet to buy tickets LOL

I can say that Simple Plan fans are so lucky because the guys are still bonded after being together for more than a decade AND still with its original members. Although they are not popular anymore unlike the bands today, they still make music for their fans. And fans still support and listen to them. This goes to show that they have a huge and strong fanbase all over the world.

Earlier this year, they released an album, their fifth, called Taking One for the Team. In lieu of the album release, they are doing a world tour! I patiently waited for their announcement for the Asian dates; I even told myself I will really fly to the Philippines or Malaysia if they are not doing a show here in Singapore. So imagine my delight when they announced that they are coming here! I bought tickets right away!

So the day of the show came. Their concert was held at the Hard Rock Coliseum in Sentosa. I rarely attend concerts (this is actually only my second of an international artist), but I know how hardcore fans are that they will patiently queue up hours before the gates are opened, especially in free standing concerts. Kevin and I reached Sentosa around 2pm, and thankfully, not much people have arrived yet, and we're almost in front of the queue.

By the way, I tweeted a similar picture above, and Jeff Stinco, the band's lead guitarist retweeted it! ♥️

I was so happy when he noticed my tweet. Haha. But seriously, it eased the waiting somehow, because waiting is no joke. Although we were just sitting there, it was so tiring and draining, and it was so hot and humid.

Anyway, official merch was available in the venue. They were selling t-shirts, signed posters, ballers, etc. I got myself a t-shirt, which I wore during the concert, and a signed poster. 😊

It was 7pm when we entered the coliseum. Like any other concerts, before the main artist, an opening act will perform. For this concert, it was The Summer State, a Singaporean pop/rock band. I love their name, it is referencing Singapore as a summer state -- because in this state, it's summer all year round. 😛 They performed five songs, which hyped up the crowds' excitement for Simple Plan. Their songs are not bad, IMHO.

AND THEN THE BOYS CAME OUT! OH MY GOD THEY ARE SO PRETTY! They greeted the crowd by singing Opinion Overload. I sang my lungs out, jumped, and banged my head hard -- I felt like a teenager again. I love that they are so much fun in the stage, and they really reach out and interact with the audience.

Enjoy the pictures below, although the quality is really crappy. Haha.

Probably one of best things that happened during the show was when David Desrosiers, the band's bassist, actually noticed me! ♥️ I gave him a heart hand sign, and he gave me one back. He even sent kisses! He's so cheeky! I love you, David! Kevin was able to film that particular event! GAAAHHHH~

They ended the show by singing their most popular song, Perfect. Thanks to Kevin for filming it whole for me! It's soooo surreal to finally hear this song live -- a perfect song for a perfect night!

And to make things more perfect as it is, we were able to grab souvenirs from the show: we got the setlist and some guitar picks that were personally used by Jeff and David.

Thank you, Simple Plan, for the awesome night! I will never ever forget it. I hope I can see you again next time! Please keep on making music, and never disband LOL! But seriously, you guys are the best! ♥️♥️♥️

And of course, special shoutout to my boyfriend, Kevin, for always being so supportive of my dreams. He flew to Singapore just to watch the concert with me. Thank you, my love!

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