#BirthdayWeekend: Legoland Malaysia

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Last weekend, my boyfriend, Kevin, flew to Singapore to celebrate my birthday with me. Albeit a short visit, I would not have it any other way!

Prior to his arrival, we have already discussed and planned together on how to spend the entire weekend, and how to make most out of it. He arrived Wednesday night, and then the day after, we straightaway started the weekend-long celebration!

First up, Legoland Malaysia!

As you all know, Singapore and Malaysia are separated by just land borders. Malaysia's state, called Johor Bahru, is roughly less than hour away. JB, as colloquially called, is where Legoland is located. It is very easy to commute to JB from Singapore (we went by bus), although there are several transfers when going through immigration.

How to commute to Legoland Malaysia from Singapore?

In Singapore, there are two immigration checkpoints that you could choose to crossover to Malaysia — Tuas Checkpoint and Woodlands Checkpoint. But if you are going to Legoland, I suggest going through Tuas as it is nearer to Lego Land, and I believe there are less crowd in Tuas compared to the checkpoint in Woodlands.

To go to Legoland via the Tuas Checkpoint, you need to go to Jurong East Bus Interchange to board the CW3 or Cw4 bus — these are the yellow Causeway Link buses. The fare is SG$4, and you need to pay by cash (you cannot use SG's EZ-Link cards here). Do not lose your bus tickets as you need to present them when doing the bus transfers.

The travel from the bus interchange to Tuas Checkpoint was just around 30 minutes. Once you have reached the checkpoint, you need to alight the bus to go through Singapore Immigration (so don't forget your passports!). Once done, queue up again to Causeway Link's bus stop (upon exiting immigration, head to your right; you will see the yellow "Causeway Link" signage) to board the next bus going to the Malaysian checkpoint to go through Malaysian Immigration.

You will reach the next checkpoint after around 30 minutes of travel, as well. You will need to alight the bus again to go through Malaysian Immigration, and then board again a Causeway Link bus, but now it's a JP02 bus, to finally reach Legoland!

The Theme Park!

Aside from the main Legoland theme park, there is also a water theme park; the tickets are sold separately, though. And also, there is a Legoland Hotel which is perfect for families with kids!

The theme park was not that big compared to Universal Studios Singapore, and the rides are really catered for kids. Nevertheless, adults can still enjoy the park. :)

One of the cool parts of the theme park is the "Mini Land". It houses famous Asian mini structures made from lego bricks. They were built so intricately; you'll wonder how long one structure took to get built!

Then there is a place which Star Wars fans will love. I'm not a fan, so it was not that exciting for me (sorry, not sorry haha), but it's still cool. :-P

And of course, the experience will not be complete without actually building lego structures in Legoland!

The Water Park!

After riding all the possible rides, and because the heat is getting so intense, we then decided to go to the water park.

If you are concerned with the safekeeping of your belongings, lockers are conveniently available for rent. And also, you don't need to bring basic bath essentials like shampoo and soap because both are provided in the showers.

Anyway, the water park is also not that big, but there were a lot of long slides and pools that are truly enjoyable. Don't expect 5- or 6-feet deep pools, though, because similarly with the theme park, this is still children friendly.

And if you are curious, both the theme park and the water park close at 6pm.

We really had fun, day one of the #BirthdayWeekend was a success! Lol. Although, I personally won't come back there for the second time as we've already exhausted all the attractions, and as I've mentioned, it is really for kids. But maybe, once the expansions are finished, we can come back.

Cheers! I'll be blogging about the second day next, so look forward to it!

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