A Letter From My 16-Year-Old Self

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Yesterday, I just turned 24 years old. And as I was checking my emails, a habit that I have developed even during non-working days, I came across an unusual, odd-titled, and non-work-related email.

It had the subject, "Hello, 24-year-old Clarisa!"

I wasn't able to recall immediately that I have written an email to my future self. But upon pondering about it for a good few minutes, I realised, that yes, I did write one.The email was sent on 01 February 2009 -- that time, I think I was only in my 2nd year in university. And wow, it has been 7 years already. I wonder what made me sent this email? But I am grateful to myself that I did.

The email started with an introduction...

Happy 24th birthday! Haha! I bet you're really shocked about this email, eh? Well, I wrote this at exactly 6:07PM, 01 February 2009, using our laptop, Sony VAIO (just in case the laptop's not in your possession by the time you read this), beside our bed, inside our room, in our house in Cavite.

Yes, I was really shocked with this email. Good job, self. Haha!And then, it succeeded with mostly questions, on how my life is doing as a 24-year-old. My 16-year-old self is a very curious person! Haha! I will treat this as a reflection, and I will answer the questions as I go along. :)

Are you now matured?

Sometimes, yes. Sometimes, no. When I was 16 years old, I always thought of myself as childish. Even the people around me will agree. And it's a given fact, because well, I was only sixteen. But now I realise that there's nothing wrong with being immature at times. It just shows that there's always room for growth.

What's your work? Are you happy?

I can say I'm in a better place now in terms of work than I was when I was just starting. Am I happy? Yes. Contented, even. Things don't always go how I would want them to be, but that's okay.

Do you have any love relationship at the moment?

Yes, I do have. Both my 16-year-old self and 24-year-old self knows him. Haha. Actually in the latter part of the letter, as a 16-year-old, I was describing a 'relationship' I was having with a person. And in some weird circumstance, that person happens to be my boyfriend now. :)

How about friends, have you gained new friends, and are you still in contact with our high school and college buddies?

I gained lots of friends over the years! Usually through work, and I am really happy with that as we really get along with these people. I am still in contact with some of our high school friends. And college friends -- the friendship with them is still solid as a rock.

Where do you live now?

I live now in Singapore.

How is our parents? Our sisters? Are they good?

Yes, all of them are good, fortunately. :)

Are you healthy right now? If you don't clearly remember, you used to get ill every now and then, nothing serious though, just colds, cough, and fever.

I remember this, I often get sick, usually with a fever. But thank God I don't now. Nothing serious has happened to me since; I am perfectly healthy. Although, gaining some unwanted weight! Haha!

Have you gone to Japan? You know, we've been dreaming to go there since we became hooked with the Japanese culture! What other places have you visited and toured? I bet those are awesome!

I haven't visited Japan yet, but I will in a couple of months! And yes I remember I got so into the Japanese culture, to the point of studying their language. Good times, and I got literally lots of time in my hands that time. Haha! I haven't been to many places, but I have been to in a few like Ilocos and Cebu in the Philippines; Indonesia, Hong Kong, Macau, and Malaysia, for overseas travel. Hopefully, I can add more places to the list soon!

In the latter part of the letter, I have just narrated some random reminder, and random stuff for myself, including "I really hope you are still alive and in a good condition". Haha. I am so weird.

And then it ended with this:

From the past, again, happy birthday! And I'll write you to you again. 'Til next time, mate!

P.S. I finished writing this at 06:49PM with mum's annoying voice in the background telling me to clean our room! Haha!

Oh, I miss my mum. :(


It's so refreshing to read a letter from the past. Time really fly so fast. Suddenly now I am already 24 -- one year away from what they call the 'quarter-life crisis' stage of life; in that letter, I was just 16 years young. I feel old, and I think I haven't attained anything much, but I am still proud of myself on what I have achieved so far. I know all of my dreams are still far from being accomplished, but I'm already on my way!

I am thinking of writing a letter again to my future self. Maybe to my 30-year-old self? Maybe I will ask questions about getting married? Having kids? Let's see.

And by the way, Happy 24th birthday to me! 🎉

Have you ever written a letter addressed to your future self?

P.S. If you want to write to your future self as well, you can use FutureMe.org. :)

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