Blossom Beats: Sakura in Singapore

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It's springtime! Flowers are now starting to bloom in countries which have four seasons. When I hear the word spring, the first thing the pops into my mind are the cherry blossom flowers, or sakura, as the Japanese call them.

Doing hanami (which means flower viewing), and having my pictures taken with sakura trees on my background are one of the many things listed in my bucket list. They're just so pretty! Luckily, just two weeks ago, the Gardens by the Bay held a cherry blossoms exhibit in its Flower Dome to mark the start of spring. I did not need to step out of Singapore and visit Japan to see them (but I will definitely still visit Japan LOL). Yes, I was able to experience a glimpse of spring and see sakura in a tropical Singapore! Yay!

The exhibit started on 11th March, and it lasted for two weeks (yes, too bad it's too short). I went there two days before it ended--it was a Saturday, a long weekend if I might add, and boy, the place was jam packed! Good thing though, the organisers set up a planned path from the entrance of the dome to the exit to control the influx of the crowd. Upon entering, the people cannot go straight to the sakura exhibit, and must follow the designated path.

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The flowers are so pretty! Gardens by the Bay's website stated that there were approximately 20 different cherry blossom species. I can literally stare at them whole day.

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I'll let the pictures do the talking, pic spam below! Enjoy! :)

They are so pretty, aren't they?

Oh yeah, there were several cosplayers there that took advantage of the pretty place. They were doing photoshoots. So kawaii! 

Not only the flowers are beautiful, but also the arrangement and layout of the exhibit were neatly planned. There were lots of Japanese features that completed the experience. My most favourite one being the torii gate (a traditional Japanese gate most commonly found at the entrance of or within a Shinto shrine). 

The cheap $12 entrance fee was worth every single cent! Thanks, Gardens by the Bay for this wonderful experience! :)

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