Cycling at Coney Island

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Last month, my friend, Wem, and I went cycling at Coney Island. This is a pretty spontaneous plan, as a few days prior to that day, we just found out that we are now living in the same country! 

Coney Island (or Pulau Serangoon) is located at Punggol town. It is conveniently accessible by bus from Punggol MRT/LRT Station and Punggol Bus Interchange.

We went there on a Saturday morning. Surprisingly, there were not many people, and the weather is just fine, albeit sunny! So, make sure you wear sunblock!

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If you don't have your own bicycle like us, there are several bicycle shops around the area where you can buy or rent one. I forgot the name of the shop where we rented ours, but it is located just before the west entrance of the island. A bike's rent costs around $20 which is already good for 3 hours.

The island itself is not that big, I think you can explore the entire island for just about a quarter of a day. The trail is plain and pretty straightforward; you won't get lost at all. The place is perfect for everyone who likes to go casual biking and jogging.

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When we were in the bicycle shop, the uncle told us that, if we're lucky enough, we might find some animals and birds inside the island. The most famous one being the Brahman bull they call Coney Bull. Unfortunately, we didn't see him. What we saw, however, is a troop of monkeys hanging in the trees. Not sure though if you can see in the image below, but there were a lot. I was actually afraid of going nearer to them as they might do something, especially because I have food in my backpack. Important reminders if you encounter monkeys along the way is to not feed them and do not go close to them as they may act violently. Anyway, in addition to these animals you might meet are insects, so don't forget to wear insect repellant before going.

At the edge of the island is a small stretch of beach. There's actually nothing special to see, but there were logs on the shore where you can sit and relax.

Coney Island may be small and simple, but it's really nice to go in a place like this once in a while -- away from the busy streets and tall buildings of Singapore. And I really enjoyed cycling. I hate exercising -- basically anything that involves moving (LOL), so it's a breath of fresh air that I really enjoyed the activity.

P.S. We are actually planning to go cycling again. Do you know any other place you can recommend? We're thinking of Pulau Ubin, or maybe in the East Coast. I'll update if it pushes through!

P.S.S. I am thinking of blogging my past travels, so watch out for it!

Happy weekend, everyone! :)

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