My Film Photography Journey

Hello, my name is Clarisa.

Film photography piqued my interest about 9 years ago, way back when I was still in university. My first film camera was a handy Olympus Trip 35 which I bought from an online thrift shop. However, my interest was short lived as digital and mobile photography took over. But just recently, I was reconnected with my old camera when I was randomly going through my stuff. It has been years since I used it, so I was not sure if it’s still working. Regardless, I bought a couple rolls of film, and I brought it to my trip to Saigon last September 2018.

That trip helped reignite my love of film. I missed loading a new roll of film into the camera; I missed peeking through the viewfinder, and hearing the sound of the mechanical shutter; I missed the feeling of excitement to see my shots after having the film processed and developed.

Now, I have decided to give myself and film photography another chance. I have since acquired more film cameras, a Yashica T3 Super, and a Canon Canonet QL17 GIII!

Visit my film photography Instagram account where I usually dump my photos: @clarisashootsfilm

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