Cebu Photo Diary: Moalboal and Kawasan Falls

Cebu Photo Diary: Moalboal and Kawasan Falls

Day two! So from Cebu City, we travelled for more than three hours to reach Moalboal. It was a damn long trip, but all worth it. Moalboal is a small town in the southern part of Cebu, and it is famous for white beaches, and diving spots. It is also relatively near to Badian, where Kawasan Falls is situated.

We booked an accommodation near the White Beach called Ester's Homestay. When we informed Ate Ester that we have reached Moalboal, she sent Kuya Boy to fetch us.


Ester's Homestay is located literally by the beach. Our room was pretty big for two persons and it has an A/C. Ate Ester and her family are very accommodating, and they did everything for us: from cooking our food to arranging boats for our island hopping.


Our first activity was snorkelling and island hopping.

This was both our first time to try snorkelling, so we were nervous and excited, at the same time. We went to Pescador Island first to see the reefs and fishes. Unfortunately, the fishes didn't reveal themselves, and the water is not that clear because it was drizzling.


And then, we moved on to Panagsama Reef to try witness a sardine run. It was so fascinating to see these creatures up close and witness them do an amazing 'run'.


The rain was starting to get hard, so the boatmen told us that we should head back. The boat ride going back was kinda scary because the waves are getting stronger.

Suprise, suprise! When we reached the beach, there was no rain. Haha.


After having lunch, we carried on to our next activity, which is Kawasan Falls!

We rode a habal-habal which was driven by Kuya Boy. He actually served as our driver for our whole stay. He's just one text away whenever we need a ride. He was so nice, and we're really thankful for him.


Kawasan Falls is a 30-minute bus ride from Moalboal. Board any bus from the main highway that goes towards Bato. Just tell the bus conductor to drop you off at Matutinao Church. Near the church, there are signs that points to the entrance of Kawasan Falls.

Anyway, the entrance fee is only 10 pesos. As you approach the place, people will be asking you to purchase a tour or something. Ignore them as the place is very easy to explore. From the entrance, you will need to walk a long path before reaching the main waterfall.

The long walk will be all worth it once you see the beautiful waterfall. The water is so clear and so beautiful; I have never seen a body of water as beautiful as this.

To go under the falls, and to experience a 'fall-massage', we rented a raft, but you can also just swim by yourself and it is completely free. The raft and the 'guide' costed us 400 pesos, and I tell you it was not worth it as the ride lasted for only a few minutes.


By the way, Kawasan Falls is a three-tier fall. The one above is the first level and it is the tallest waterfall out of the three. After our raft ride, we went up next to the second level.

This was the way going up. And yes, sadly, people are doing picnics everywhere and leaving their trash, ruining this natural beauty. :-(


The second level is more peaceful than the first as there's not much people staying in the area.


After this, we decided (actually, I decided) to not go up to the third level as it is getting dark already. And also, we were just wearing slippers, so I was afraid that we will have a hard time climbing up.

End of day two! :-)

Have you been to Kawasan Falls?

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