A Sentence A Day, Week #1

A Sentence A Day, Week #1

Last weekend, I made a random trip to kikki.K when I was in Orchard. As I was browsing through the different stationeries, I came across an interesting and unique journal called A Sentence A Day.

It is not your usual everyday journal as you need to answer a question each day, and as its name suggests, you need to answer them with a sentence or two. The questions range from serious to nonsensical topics — basically anything under the sun. And unique as it is already, it is a three year journal and its objective is to compare the answers made over the years, which will make the person reminisce and realise how much things have changed or not.

So I decided, I will create a weekly blog series using this journal. I will write down the questions and my corresponding answers for seven days every week.


03 April - 09 April 2016

Who would you like to thank?

I'd like to thank God for all the undeserved blessings that I am receiving; my parents for always being there for me; and lastly, my boyfriend who keeps up with me even though I am difficult person to deal with.

What are you obsessed right now?

I am currently really obsessed with anything Cardcaptor Sakura!

Describe your current hairstyle.

My current hairstyle hasn't changed much in the past one year, it's just straight and long.

When was the last time you exercised?

I am really bad at exercising. In fact, I hate it! But I think the last time I did it was last month. I did a 30 minute jogging.

Right now I can smell? (weirdest question yet)

I dunno, I can smell the A/C? Haha!

What is something you should have done yesterday?

Register my new camera on the Olympus website. (which I still haven't done until now lol)

What are you hoping for?

My response for this is very personal, so I am not writing my exact answer here. But I wrote about two things, which concerns my family.


A new post will be up every Sunday of the new week. If you are interested to do this blog series with me, let me know so I can mail you the questions!

How was your week, anyway? :)

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