My Second Tattoo and Hopefully Not My Last

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“sisterets” — my second tattoo, and a matching one with my sisters, Kate and Jazz. 

Of course it came from the word “sisters”. It was coined by Jazz, and we have been using it as our collective term ever since.  

A little story about this tattoo: the idea started last year when I asked my sisters if they wanted matching tattoos. It was just a random thought, but surprisingly, they were up for it. In December 2022, we started searching for tattoo artists here in Singapore, and we found Esin from We got an appointment with her in February 2023. We were excited; especially my sisters as this is their first.

On 18th January 2023, just over a week shy of our appointment, I got dengue fever, unfortunately. My doctor has advised me to do it some other time as I needed to recover first (at one point, my platelet count dropped to 90k). 

My sisters still pushed through with the original appointment without me since Jazz will be flying back to Manila in early March. Total FOMO. 🤪

At long last, after two reschedules, I finally got mine on 28th April 2023. 🖤 

Thanks to my husband for always accompanying me (even though he’s not a fan of me getting tattoos).


I originally wrote and posted this story on 23 June 2023 on my Instagram account.

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