Endings and Beginnings

I came to Singapore in late February 2015, and I started work immediately the following month. I will go on staying in the same company for nine years later, and working for two clients and handling numerous projects.

Fast forward to present, I have left the company, and I have bade goodbye to my colleagues. Today is my first weekday out of work and I just thought of writing a post. 

I started looking for new opportunities in December last year. I attended a couple of interviews before I received an offer from my future employer. The role is similar, still a Business Analyst role but the domain is different. I will be starting my new work two weeks from now, and although I am nervous, I am quite excited. I am looking forward to meeting my new colleagues and clients, new learnings, and new environment.

On my last week, I have started to inform my stakeholders one-by-one that I was leaving. My colleagues had also planned lunch outs with me. It was so nice and validating to hear from each one of them that they will miss working with me, and they have appreciated my work.

Although my work and I had lots of ups and downs, but really more downs, especially in the last couple of years, it was still bittersweet to leave. It was a familiar place and it was my comfort zone: I know the work at the back of my hand; I know all the people; and even though, I always have piles of work to finish, I have gone accustomed to the hustle and it became a routine for me. But because of all these reasons I decided to leave. My departure was a long time coming. 

Anyway, I am hoping for the best in my new job!

Here are some photos with my colleagues.

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