Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Singapore

Hello, guys! I just got back in town two days ago, and just yesterday I attended my first Halloween Horror Nights! The Halloween Horror Nights is an annual event in all the Universal Studios parks around the world. Here in Singapore, this year is already in its 6th season.

It starts at 07:30PM right after the closing of the regular USS. I reached Sentosa around 30 minutes before the opening but the crowd was already insane! But it's really not surprising because it was a Friday night.

Outside the park, there were stalls that offer face paintings, and stalls that sell accessories like neon hair bands.

Upon entering the park, I was really amazed at the decorations and the staff, who really gave out all their best with their costumes and makeup. The park seemed like a different place and not USS!

Probably my most favourite character was this character below. Forgive my ignorance, but I'm actually not sure what is she portraying. But anyway, her makeup and costume were on point! And she looks so good in pictures!

There were five haunted houses, two scare zones, and two shows to complete the Halloween experience. Too bad, though, for us, we were only able to enter to two haunted houses, two scare zones, and watch only one show. All the attractions were packed, and the average waiting time takes around 60-90 minutes. So better avoid peak days like Fridays and weekends. And if you got extra bucks, buy the express pass to skip the regular queues.

The haunted houses that we were able to enter are the Old Changi Hospital and the Salem Witch House. I honestly don't like these kinds of stuff, I don't even watch horror films, so the entire time we were inside the houses, I was firmly holding my friend's arms. Haha. The other haunted houses were Bodies of Work, Hu Li's Inn, and Hawker Centre Massacre.

The show that we were able to watch was called Jack's Recurring Nightmare Circus. It was basically a magic show on which “Jack, along with his loyal gang of deranged disciples, is on the hunt for his next batch of killer acts." LOL stole that description from the event map. :-P

We capped off the night by entering the Suicide Forest. We actually enjoyed roaming around this place than entering the haunted houses. The actors here are more interacting (and scary!). They really did a good job in scaring people, and I think they are enjoying it very well. Haha.

Props to these two student zombies, they were really into their roles! They startled a good number of people, including me. :-(

Although we weren't able to extract much of what we paid because we were not able to enter all the haunted houses and scare zones, the experience was still a blast! I cannot wait for next year! So, if you want to experience Halloween Horror Nights, you still got time. It ends on 31 October, so don't miss the chance!

Halloween Horror Nights 6 at Universal Studios Singapore
Dates: 30 September to 31 October
Opening hours: 07:30pm – 01:00am
Admission fee: $65 / $69 (depending on the date)

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