Airbnb Experience in Osaka

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When Kevin and I finally booked our tickets for our Japan trip, the first thing that we settled is the accommodation. It is a must, actually, since this is one of the requirements so we can successfully apply for a Japanese visa. I tried searching through Agoda, and other booking sites but hotels are too expensive for our budget, so I tried my luck with Airbnb. I was hesitant at first because I haven't booked one before, but after asking around and hearing that Airbnb apartments are nice and economical, I created an account and right away searched for viable options.

When looking for accommodations during travels, my top concerns are budget, convenience, and cleanliness. Luckily, Airbnb apartments in Japan are superb, and most listings met my requirements, therefore searching for a good place was not really hard. And also, reviews by other guests were such a great help.

I narrowed down my options; I remember choosing five listings, and I messaged the hosts one by one. I asked the certain questions like the possibilities of self-checking in, nearest train stations, etc. I got positive responses from all of them, so I decided to just choose the cheapest from the five. Haha. We ended up booking Denja's (host's name) apartment, and I am so glad we did. We stayed in Osaka for 3 nights, and we got the place for just SG$147 (just around PhP5k+). Very cheap, right?

Denja's apartment is located in a quiet neighbourhood in Hirano, which is located in the southeastern part of the prefecture. It is a residential place, so you'll feel like a local during the stay.

Forgot to take actual pictures of the neighbourhood where the apartment is located. So here's a picture of us which slightly shows the neighbourhood.
All the things we need were provided like bath essentials, towels and linens, kitchen and dining utensils, microwave oven, coffee maker, and the most useful of all, a pocket WiFi!

The apartment is literally 3 mins away from the nearest subway station. Also, there are two convenience stores also near to the apartment -- Family Mart and 7-11, which became our best friends when it came to our food for breakfast. Haha.

The host, Denja, on the other hand, is a very sweet host. Before and during our stay, I constantly messaged him and asked him questions, and he always answered as swiftly as possible. We are Whatsapp-mates now. LOL. But seriously, as a host, he knows how to take care of his guests without even meeting them. Lastly, one extra treat the apartment has to offer is the view from the balcony. Yes, it has a small balcony, which is a perfect place for hanging out. The view is wonderful! Denja even advertised the listing as a place with "great balcony for beer!" Too bad, though, we weren't able to fully enjoy the balcony as we were always out during the day, and we get home so late at night. Maybe next time. :-)

So, if you are looking for a good and cheap accommodation during your stay in Osaka, I highly recommend Denja's apartment.

All Denja's listings, including the one we booked, can be found here. Let me know if you decided to book this apartment, as well! :-)

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