2022 Wrap Up!

The COVID-19 pandemic has ended!

Well, sort of. I thought I won’t be back to blogging anytime soon, but I got so inspired by all the year-end reels on Facebook and Instagram, so I thought of writing this Wrap Up post to reminisce the last 12 months. Year 2022 was also an eventful year considering the past 2 pandemic-ridden years.

Anyway, let me share with you the events that happened in my life in bullet points. 

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The First Quarter

  • Kevin and I celebrated our 9th year together, and our 1st year wedding anniversary. We have also been living together for a year. I am happy to report that we are still at our honeymoon phase. Haha! For our wedding anniversary, we had a staycation at W Sentosa Cove.
  • Due to the pandemic, this was the second time my family and I celebrated New Year’s Day separately. We celebrated at my dad’s new flat in Yishun.
  • These months were actually not so eventful aside from celebrating the New Year and our anniversaries as a couple because Kevin and I was so addicted playing MIR4. We started playing in September 2021, during the height of the pandemic, and it really ate up a lot of our time. But this game paved way for us to meet new friends, albeit virtually.

The Second Quarter

  • Kevin turned 31, and I turned 30! I still cannot believe I am already in my early 30s. Anyway, to celebrate, we went to Bintan. This was our first travel out of Singapore, although, just via a ferry ride, since 2020. I missed travelling!
  • It was the national elections in the Philippines in May and I have voted for the first time. I voted for Leni-Kiko. I know they lost, but I am proud that I voted for them. I really fought hard for this duo because I believe they were the best choice to lead the country. Sadly, the Filipino people thinks otherwise. After this election, I honestly feel indifferent now on the state of the Philippines; it’s not worth fighting for anymore.

The Third Quarter

  • After playing MIR4 for almost 10 months, we quit and sold our characters, Sakurá Chan and Holy Panda. It was a good run — from server 104 to server 121 to server 84 to server 73; from CARNALS clan to Oracle clan to Octagram clan to Chimera clan. I could say that this is the best MMORPG that I have played so far.
  • In September, my beloved grandmother from my mum’s side passed away. It was sudden. Upon hearing the news, my family and I flew to Manila. It was so devastating. Her death really hit us hard because my grandmother was our rock. I really still cannot believe my grandmother is gone and I won’t see her anymore every time I come home to the Philippines. I will really miss her “Clang, penge akong pambili ng gamot.”; “Ingat ka, yung mapagdrive mo!” Nanay, wherever you are now, I hope you are no longer in pain. Rest in peace.
  • My youngest sister, Jazzmine, has finally graduated from university. After 2 years of face-to-face classes, and shifting to online classes because of the pandemic, she has survived! My parents have graduated, too — from tuition fees and daily allowances, that is. My family is complete during her graduation, and we are so proud.
  • My sister-in-law and her family visited us here in Singapore. It was so fun to spend time with them especially with our nieces. They are getting so big!
  • Met some of my friends in Manila. I have not seen them in two years!
  • Kevin and I picked up a new hobby — cycling! Kevin bought me and himself Brompton bicycles! He got me an A Line and he go a C Line. It was a nice weekend bonding activity and work out for us.
  • My two sports idols in tennis and Formula 1, Roger Federer and Sebastian Vettel, respectively, have retired from their sports. I am so sad. I dunno how can I continue to watch these sports next season.

The Fourth Quarter

  • Last quarter of the year, and Kevin and I got COVID-19 for the first time. I have actually started going to office in early September, and the mask restrictions have eased here in Singapore — I guess I had it coming. My colleague, unfortunately, passed it to me, and then I have passed it to Kevin. We are so unlucky that we got the latest and worst strain at that time. We were really down with high fever, coughs & colds, whole body pains, and we felt really, really weak. Worse, we had long COVID — our coughs lasted for 2 months! It was the most horrible sick feeling ever and I don’t want to experience it again.
  • Kevin and I have cycled our longest so far, 43km! We started from our place in Queenstown to Changi Bay Point. It was so fulfilling. I hope we can breach 50km next time!
  • We watched a concert for the first time in two years! Kevin is a big fan of LANY, and he really enjoyed the concert. As for me, I am not really a fan and I barely know their songs. But it’s okay, as long as my husband enjoyed it. Haha!
  • We have also watched DOTA 2’s The International (TI) live. I am such an awesome wife LOL. During this time, we have also met my friends, Don and Kenneth, who flew from Manila to watch TI.
  • Kevin and I have decided to go on a Eurotrip in place of our church wedding (I really have no interest in planning our church wedding anymore, tbh). We have already bought plane tickets and a tour package! I hope there will be no problem with our visas! I cannot wait!
  • Lastly, of course, Christmas. For the first time in two Christmases, we have celebrated Christmas as a complete family. ❤️ 

How about you, how was your 2022? I hope it was much better than last year!

Happy New Year! I hope everyone will have an amazing 2023!

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