Kevin and I Got Married!

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I am now a wife. I am now Mrs. Perez!

Today’s my last day of marriage leave so I thought this is the perfect time to write and share about this wonderful milestone in our lives as a couple.

Although our original church wedding plans didn’t come into fruition because of the pandemic, we are still grateful because Kevin and I are together here in Singapore, and we were able to tie the knot. We have engaged friends who are apart from each other, and they don’t have any choice but to wait for this pandemic to end. If you are in the same boat, we are hoping and praying with you for the situation to improve soon as we are still hoping to have our church wedding in Manila in 2022.


19 March 2021 was the date. This is actually the original date of our church wedding in Manila. We really like this date, so we have decided to have the civil wedding on the same date.

Instead of going to the Philippine Embassy, we opted to be wed at the Registry of Marriages Singapore as the requirements are simpler. Anyway, the solemnisation itself was a short and straightforward one — the solemniser explained to us the importance of this union we are going into; she made us say our vows to each other; we exchanged rings; we kissed; and it’s done! We were surrounded by just four persons — my dad, my sister, and our two friends, Michael and Miche, who served as our witnesses. Fun fact: Michael and Miche are husband and wife and they also got married in Singapore four years ago; Kevin and I served as their witnesses!

After the solemnisation, we had a “post-nup” photoshoot at the National Museum and National Gallery areas. And then, we had dinner at The Mason’s Table.

These are some of the photos that the photographer has shared with us thus far. I am so happy that they turned out great. I cannot wait for the whole set!


Below is the list of vendors we are so thankful for:

Hair and Makeup: Monina Monisha
Bridal Bouquet: Floristique
Masks: Time Taken To Make A Dress (Clarisa’s), Acmé De La Vie (Kevin’s)
Preparation: Marina Bay Sands

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