Film Diary: My Typical Saturday

I recently bought a film camera, a Yashica T3 Super. Since the rebirth of film photography, it has become one of the most sought-after point-and-shoot film cameras in the recent years. And because of this, resell prices have become steep, and they have become harder to find! I got mine after winning an auction from a seller on eBay for S$300, including shipping from Germany. Quite expensive for a vintage camera, but I think it’s worth it.

Anyway, I tested the camera a few weeks ago, and I got the photos processed and scanned last weekend. Through these photos, take a peek on how I typically spend my Saturday.


Yashica T3 Super
Kodak Ultramax 400

This is the hallway in my building; this is what I see once I step out of my flat. In Singapore, flat buildings are colloquially called “HDBs.”

This is the view of my HDB from the ground floor. It is 12 storeys high, and it is surrounded by lots of trees. 

From my flat, I take bus service 913 to reach the nearest MRT station, which is the Admiralty station. 

I usually spend time with Kevin when he has a Saturday day off. We usually go to Orchard Road to eat and just hang out.

This is a typical MRT train. It is usually crowded, especially on weekdays. It is very rare to see a train car as spacious as this.

There are many malls in Orchard Road, and Ngee Ann City Takashimaya is one of them. In this mall, you’ll find lots of luxury shops and Japanese foodcourts and restaurants. This is also where Books Kinokuniya is located.

If you walk further down Orchard Road, you’ll see more malls. I sometimes wonder, are all these shops still earning when there are lots of competition?

Like this luxury shop, Gucci. There are two Gucci stores in Orchard Road, just 300 metres away from each other! Anyway, I remember, when I was taking this photo, I got annoyed when the lady suddenly passed by in front of me. But by looking at how it turned out, it was not bad at all. The lady even gave substance to the photograph, and I love that she was wearing all black, in contrast to the white marble wall. 

A busy intersection. Orchard Road is not only a busy area for people, but for cars, as well.

Off-White™. I have never heard of this brand until Kevin introduced it to me. Recently, he has been dabbling in street wear fashion, and according to him, this is one of the most famous and expensive brands. He once bought a hoodie for S$600! I could not believe it. I will never understand street wear fashion. 

Could you see me in the photo? 

Are you familiar with this staircase? It’s the iconic Apple Store staircase. If I’m not mistaken, all Apple stores worldwide have this.

A normal state of affairs at an Apple Store. Always crowded. Imagine the store would look like when there is a new product release! 

Just a random lady talking on the phone under a Ficus tree. Right outside the Apple Store, there are exactly 8 Ficus trees. Trees standing tall in the middle of tall buildings and shopping malls? Only in Singapore! 

The livery of buses in Singapore are usually white and red for SMRT buses; orange, white, and purple for SBS buses. Recently, they have deployed new buses of lime green colour with a SG❤️BUS branding. Apparently, the Singapore government had asked commuters to vote on which colour they would like on buses, and obviously, the colour lime green won.

Just a photo of our food for dinner. I don’t remember anymore which restaurant was this, unfortunately.

After dinner, it was time to go home. This was at the Woodlands MRT station. This is one of my favourite photos in this set. I love the composition of this photo.

This is the road that I always cross going home. I sometimes jaywalk. Haha. This photo proved me that my Yashica T3 is very good even in low light conditions. 


What’s your favourite photo from this set? 

If you want to see more of my film photography, I created an Instagram account where I dump all my photography: I have a few rolls pending to get developed and scanned, so I’ll be posting more soon! Follow it if you like! 

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