Ed Sheeran: Divide World Tour 2019 in Singapore

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Ed Sheeran. My second concert of this year. Which reminds me, I should be writing about the first one first, no? But whatever, since this is the later one and the fresher memory in my mind, I’ll blog about this first. By the way, if you are curious, the first one is Maroon 5. I’ll blog about it soon!

Anyway, to be honest, I’m not really a “super” fan of Ed Sheeran. I like his songs, of course, but seeing him perform live is not really included in my “concert bucket list” (not that I have one). But when I heard that he’s having a concert here, I remembered one friend telling me that seeing him live was one of the best concerts she has attended, even if she went alone. I checked the ticket prices, and they are not that expensive. So I asked Kevin if he wants to watch, and he said yes. He’s quite a fan, actually. And then, I heard from my friends, Renz and Valerie, that they are flying in to also watch the concert. Everything was set then, we got the concert tickets, and my friends have bought their plane tickets and booked their hotels. To prepare myself as I always do before watching a concert, I have listened to Ed Sheeran’s songs on repeat around two months leading up to the concert.

On the day of the concert, my friends and I decided to watch the Avengers: Endgame in the morning before queueing up. We arrived at the National Stadium around 1pm. It was raining that day, which was a very good thing as it was not that hot while we were at the queue. I have experienced before queueing up for 7 hours on a scorching hot weather. It was not pleasant at all. Around 5:30pm, they opened the gates, and everyone ran as fast as they could to get to the front rows. Our best effort got us to the 3rd or 4th row. Not too bad.

At 7pm, the supporting act, One OK Rock came out to play. They are a Japanese band who I have never heard of. Surprisingly, their songs are in English, and they are good. I think it’s my first time to be introduced to a band who opened for the main act that I ended up liking. They sang 8 songs. Check them out, they are really good!

Ed Sheeran came out around 8pm. Initially, I was so puzzled why there were no instruments set up on the stage, let alone band members. After One OK Rock performed, all their instruments were packed up. My friend, Renz, told me that Ed freaking Sheeran is a one-man band. His instruments are only his guitars and loop pedals. To those who have not yet seen him live, now you know! From that moment, I understood why my friend told me that Ed Sheeran is one of the best concerts she have seen live. No need for a band, no dancers, no props whatsover, just one passionate guy with his guitars. What a talent!

He sang a total 18 songs, with some medleys. He also sang the song he wrote for Justin Bieber, Love Yourself. Here are some photos I took from my phone. The quality is really crappy, but enjoy looking at them, nonetheless.

The stadium is almost full, if not sold-out. During some songs like The A Team, Ed asked everyone to turn on our phones’ flashlights. As a performer, for sure, it’s such an overwhelming sight to see, no matter how many shows one has played.

The backdrop of graphics is probably one of my favourite aspects of the show. Outside of Ed’s performance, that is. It was huge and colourful, and it gives a different concert experience. And it’s nice for the people who were far away from the stage — they can at least see something rather than just a diminutive version of Ed.

The concert ended with an encore performance of Shape of You and You Need Me, I Don’t Need You. Ed Sheeran came out wearing a new shirt, a red Nike jersey top with a Singapore flag in it. To complement his outfit, the backdrop displayed flashy red graphics.

Thank you, Ed Sheeran, for the wonderful concert! It is such a delight to hear and see you perform! ❤️

And of course, thanks to my boyfriend, Kevin, for always watching concerts with me. And to my friends, Renz, Sam, and even Valerie (though we didn’t meet during the concert) for being awesome concert buddies!

Here are some photos from the concert that Ed posted on his Instagram. Find us! Haha.

Have you seen Ed Sheeran live? I’d love to hear your experience!

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