Paramore: After Laughter Tour Four in Singapore

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Another band from my teenage angst period AKA my high school days witnessed live in concert. My 14-year old self sure is happy. :-) 

The Backstory

Last year, when Paramore announced that they are going to bring their After Laughter Tour in Asia, I got so stoked! They are one of my favourite bands since high school, and I have been wanting to see them live. Manila was one of their stops, so imagine my excitement! I could just fly down to Manila and see them! It sounded so easy, but I immediately got so heartbroken when saw the date: 18th February. Damn, why does it have to be in February?! The thing is, I have already applied a one-week leave on that same month, so I cannot take any more leaves. That was it, I just needed to accept that I won't be able to watch. I moved on.

February came. It was the 16th, and they have announced that the concert in Manila and Jakarta will be postponed because Hayley was sick. I told myself that I was still lucky because if I had not have a one-week leave, I definitely would have bought the concert and the plane tickets already, and they would have been wasted! These shows were rescheduled in August.

April came, and I got a notification from my Bandsintown app that Paramore is coming to Singapore! We all know what I did after! :-)

The Queueing

Kevin and I started queueing around noon. We had the priority lane ticket but it was not much of a help as a lot of people also bought that ticket. I think there were a hundred people in front of us already when we queued. I heard that the first persons in line started queueing around 4am! What a dedicated bunch!

The first part of queueing took around six hours. Fortunately, time passed by so fast, we didn't felt much that we were waiting for six hours already. Most of the people in the queue looked like teenagers, I felt so old. Lol.

Doors opened at 6pm for priority lane ticket holders, while 7pm for standard ticket holders. Behind the doors, we needed to queue again for two hours.

The Concert

As per the schedule, the show should start around 8pm. I thought someone will open for them; around 8:30pm, the band came out.

Hayley and the gang began the show in a rockstar fashion playing Grudges! 🤘🏻

Let me share you some (crappy) photos I took from the show. 90% of the photos were extremely blurred, these are only the ones that I was able to salvage. Haha!

We were one of the few ones who stayed behind after the concert. We were begging the crew to give the setlists to us. Unfortunately, the last setlist left went to the guy beside me. So close yet so far. :( He graciously let us to take a picture of it, though. So thank you to him.

The Aftermath

Every after a concert I watch, I'll have a post-concert syndrome. As of this writing, it has been three weeks since the show -- I'm still listening to their setlist, and watching the videos I took from the concert. I miss them so much! ❤️


Thank you, Paramore, for an amazing show! I enjoyed it so much! I have sung my lungs out, and danced like nobody's was watching (well, no one really did haha)!

Coincidentally, the last show for the After Laughter tour ended today. Have a good rest Hayley, Taylor, and Zac, and come back with new and awesome music! Hopefully, I can see you play again soon!

Lastly, shoutout to my boyfriend, Kevin, for always watching concerts with me although he's not much of a fan of the bands! Thank you, my love. ❤️

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