Life Lately: I Turned 26!

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I can’t believe half of the year is over. Nothing significant much has been going on in my life lately. But since we’re on the second half of the year, I just want to write something personal as my past few blog entries were all travel-related. I am trying my hardest to catch up on all my backlogs, but it is not getting any shorter! Anyway, I turned a year older last month, and I don’t know what to feel about it. I think I’m still going through my quarter-life crisis, and I am really terrified of all the “adulting” stuff and responsibilities that comes with my age. But anyway, I still accept belated gifts and greetings! 

As I have mentioned, I still don’t know what to feel. Twenty-six years old. Ah, you know what I actually feel? I feel old. I am in my late twenties already. I have always thought I am still young. You see, I was always the youngest wherever I go: from grade school to college, I was always the youngest in class. Even when I started working, I was always the youngest among my colleagues. But now, not anymore. I have interns who are the same age as my youngest sister! It's really depressing to realise that I am just four years away to being 30! Oh god.

Birthday Weekend in Laos

On the nearest weekend of my birthday, Kevin and I decided to celebrate it somewhere. Initially, he suggested to do a staycation at a hotel, but I refused. I love staycations, but I think it's not worth it here in Singapore as the hotel room prices are exorbitant!Laos was a random choice. Of course, we needed to go somewhere where we don't need to apply for visas, and where it is enough to visit for a short weekend. We visited the quaint, old city of Luang Prabang, instead of the capital, Vientiane. Luang Prabang was amazing, it was such a perfect place for a weekend visit. The trip truly made my birthday special. I'll try my best to blog about our trip soon! 

Donated Blood for the First Time!

Yup, I donated blood for the first time! I was kinda of nervous initially, especially when the phlebotomist told me that my veins are hard to find. She also told me that it would hurt and bruise a lot. But fortunately, everything went smooth -- I didn't get dizzy, and it actually didn't hurt, and I didn't get any bruising. I think I'll do this regularly. And because of this, I found out my blood type for the first time! I'm B+, if you are curious. 

Things I'm Looking Forward To

  • I'm going to see Paramore live in August
  • I'm travelling to Vietnam in September
  • Getting my first tattoo
  • Kevin and I will start going to the gym LOLwho am I kidding, I never look forward to going to gym
  • I'm looking forward to watching the movie,To All The Boys I've Loved Before
  • My friends are visiting Singapore in August


So, that's it! That's how my life has been lately. See you on my next one!

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