Photo Diary: Universal Studios Japan

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When we booked our trip to Japan, one of the many places which was placed high on my list to visit is Universal Studios Japan. I have been wanting to visit this theme park since finding out that the The Wizarding World of Harry Potter has opened. I am a Potterhead, you know.

We went there in November, and according to the blogs that I have read before the trip, it’s the off-season that time of the year. We were relieved and happy. But guess what, it didn’t seem like it was the off-season — at least by the standards I was expecting. It was so crowded, and almost all the rides’ waiting time is at least 90 minutes. Patience is a must! We were able to enjoy only a few rides, but we were able to ride the most popular ones with the help of our express passes. I really recommend buying one since it looks like the park is crowded all-year round.

Anyway, let me share with you how our visit went. And since this is a photo diary, I will let the pictures do the talking!

Warning: Lots of photos ahead!

The entrance of the theme park. There were special decorations when we visited as they were celebrating their 15th anniversary.

The obligatory photo with the Universal Studios globe!

Selfie! We still look fresh here. Lol.

The admission tickets. We purchased our tickets, including the express passes, in advanced from JTB Singapore.

Our buddy, Shrek, welcomed us to the park!

Our first ride courtesy of our express pass. It’s a 3D ride like the Transformers ride in USS. It was a cool ride; Spiderman speaks Nihongo, though. Lol.

Jurassic Park The Ride. It was closed when we tried queueing up as it was raining.

The Flying Dinosaur. Probably one of the scariest ride in the park. Too bad I was not able to ride it.

Next ride, Jaws. Courtesy of our express pass again as the queues on other rides are impossible! I am wearing my nifty rain poncho as it started drizzling.

Passed by briefly at the Wonderland to see the kiddie rides.

Sesame Street merry-go-round!

Hello Kitty!

Waiting for our turn to enter the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

Hogsmeade! I think I screamed when saw this view. LOL

Hogwarts Express! I hope this train can really take me to Hogwarts!

Sirius Black’s wanted poster during the Prisoner of Azkaban. His portrait was moving, like in the movies!

Ollivanders, where wizards and witches get their first wands. I know we are muggles, but it’s just apt that we got ours here, too! Haha! This place is also an attraction, you’ll experience here how Harry got his first wand. Complete with special effects!

Wand shopping!

Got our wands and scarves! They’re damn expensive. Haha! To complete our outfit for the picture, we just borrowed the robes from the store. The staff didn’t mind!

The majestic Hogwarts Castle! This is where the coolest ride in the Wizarding World is, the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey!

Of course, we had our photo with Hogwarts Castle as our backdrop!

Hogwarts, I’m still waiting for my letter…

One of the performances inside the Wizarding World. It’s called Wand Studies.

Browsing through the shops at Hogsmeade. Spotted Professor Hagrid’s choice of book for his Care of Magical Creatures class, The Monster Book of Monsters!

That’s not just a broomstick, Harry, it’s a Nimbus 2000!” – Ron Weasley

Zonko's Joke Shop!

Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans! When they say every flavour, they mean every flavour.

Met some kawaii Japanese high school girls on our way out of the Wizarding World.

After exploring the Wizarding World, most of the rides in other areas are already closed as it was raining, and they were already preparing for the night show.

Sesame Street Rhythm Alive performance.

The crowd of people waiting for the night show.

Waiting for the show!

This Christmas-themed light show is called the Universal Wonder Christmas.

Yes, those are actual people ‘flying’ like angels in the sky.

After the show, there were lots of beautiful fireworks. Perfect way to end the day! My photo obviously didn’t do justice on how beautiful the fireworks are. Haha.

And that’s it! We enjoyed our visit even though we were able to ride only the rides on our express passes. The queues are really insane. And also because of the rain, some rides were closed. The Japanese really love their theme parks, and rightfully so. I think 80% of the visitors in the park were locals, and most of them are students in their uniforms! I read that Japanese schools send their students to theme parks for school trips. Cool, no?

My favourite obviously is the Wizarding World. I still cannot believe I have already visited the place. As cliché as it sounds, this experience has ticked off one item in my bucket list!

We have visited the park in November 2016, and since then, they have added a lot of new attractions. There’s a Minion Park already!!! I think it’s time for us to go back, don’t you think?!

Have you been to Universal Studios Japan? Share your experience in the comments below!

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