What I'm Currently Watching: Korean Dramas

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For the past few weeks, I've been religiously following ongoing Korean dramas, so I thought it's a good idea to share them here, so you guys can check them out. Their stories are convincing and likable, so far, and I hope this will continue up until to the last episode. And also, should I mention that the casts, especially the leads, are pretty people? Haha.

If you noticed the title, I mentioned that these Korean dramas I'm about to share are still ongoing -- ongoing, meaning, episodes are currently airing every week in South Korea. I am able to do this because of an awesome streaming application available in Singapore called Viu. It is a streaming website, like Netflix, for Asian dramas. Unlike Netflix which has a monthly subscription, Viu lets you stream dramas for free, and you are not even required to register. But if you want faster releases and minimal advertisements, you can opt to be a premium member for just SG$5.98 per month. Viu releases the dramas as soon as after it was aired in Korea or just after 8 hours with English subtitles! Cool, isn't it? Now I forever bid goodbye to torrents, and I don't need to wait for fansubs groups to release subtitles anymore. Thanks, Viu!

Anyway, here are the Korean dramas I am currently watching. This entire post will be spoiler-free, and I will just discuss why I like the drama, its characters, and its plot. :-)


This stars Kim Rae Won and Park Shin Hye. It is very evident here that the Korean society regards the medical profession very highly. This is one of the many Korean dramas which revolves around doctors' lives. One good thing I like about this drama is because the female lead, Yoo Hye Jung, is not your typical shy and meek character who acts cute and chases boys -- traits which are usually depicted in girls in dramas. Hye Jung is a strong and capable woman who independently paved her way of becoming a doctor even though she came from an unknown and poor background. She's like a Hermione or Katniss heroine here. Girl power!

The male lead, on the other hand, is Hong Ji Hong, who is also a doctor. He took a sabbatical during the early episodes of the drama and became a high school homeroom teacher. He was Hye Jung's teacher, and then later, they became colleagues at a hospital. On a side note, Kim Rae Won is so handsome. Don't you think? LOL

Their relationship started slowly but surely as Hye Jung doesn't give her trust easily and doesn't usually let people enter her life because of the experiences she had when she was younger. But it was changed by Ji Hong, who, like her, experienced bitter moments in his life. They are similar in that regard, and they slowly created a relationship.

I enjoy watching them together as they not only progress their personal relationship, but they are also progressing their roles as doctors. Can't wait to watch more of the story!

Uncontrollably Fond

I started watching this to somewhat ease the pain of waiting for the new episodes of Doctors. Haha. But I'm glad I did: the story is cute, although it's getting sadder episode by episode.

The leads are Kim Woo Bin and Bae Suzy, and they play the characters, Shin Joon Young and Noh Eul, respectively. They are childhood acquaintances, and their paths were separated growing up.

Joon Young became a top celebrity, but his number one ambition is to become a prosecutor like his estranged father. However, because of a mistake, he forced himself not to fulfill his dream. As a result, his mother disowned him and treats him like he's a nobody.

Unlike Joon Young's, Noh Eul's life was not glittery and easy. Her father died in a car accident. Thus, she's struggling and full of debts, and she's doing every means, even nasty ones like taking bribes, just to send her brother to school. She works as a producer.

Their paths crossed again when Noh Eul volunteered to convince Joon Young to shoot a documentary about his life. I like the chemistry between the two leads. Kim Woo Bin, despite his very manly appearance, acts naturally cute towards Suzy. And Suzy, in my opinion, is doing a really good job acting her role -- she manages to cry her eyes out during emotional scenes. So, I'm not sure why she's getting all the hate from the Korean viewers. Haha. Chill out, Korea!

W: Two Worlds

I started watching this drama just two nights ago and damn, I was instantly hooked. There were four episodes released already before I started watching, and I finished them all in one night! Mind you, I had work the next day. Haha. Told you I was really hooked!

This stars Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo. Lee Jong Suk's character is named Kang Chul, who was an Olympic gold medalist, and later became a millionaire businessman; while Han Hyo Joo's character is named Oh Yeon Joo, who is a doctor and a daughter of a famous webtoon artist.

Kang Chul is Korea's representative for the sport, Pistol, for the Olympics and won the gold medal. Returning to Korea, he became an instant celebrity. However, he lived a normal life, and continued studying. But one fateful day, a tragedy within his family occurred and his life changed.

Meanwhile, Oh Yeon Joon is a resident surgeon, but she describes herself 'not particularly talented'. Her father is a famous webtoon artist, who mysteriously went missing while working on the last chapter of the story. She is a big fan of her father's work, and later on she will find herself in the story.

The drama seems like a normal story, but there is a catch here -- Kang Chul and Yeon Joo are from different worlds. But certain events happened and their paths crossed.

I won't detail much how they are from 'different worlds', just watch it yourself! Han Hyo Joo is so pretty; I have a girl-crush for her since Shining Inheritance. Jong Suk, on the other hand, although not particularly handsome for my taste, but he is undeniably charming.

Hope this post helped you consider watching these dramas if you are looking for something to watch! Enjoy! And if you are already watching one of these dramas (or all of them), how are you liking them so far?

Disclaimer: This post is no way sponsored by Viu. I am just happy with the application, so I mentioned it here.

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