#BirthdayWeekend: Dinner at The Assembly Ground

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Last post for my #BirthdayWeekend series!

Nothing big was really planned on the day of my birthday. I just want to have an easy day as the past two days were really exhausting, so we agreed to just do something what we used to do back in Manila -- movie and dinner. On the day itself, we booked cinema tickets, and made a reservation for dinner. We were supposed to watch Me Before You, but unfortunately, the timings available in most of the cinema houses are late in the evening, so we ended up watching Now You See Me 2 instead. I just searched for nice restaurants here in SG and came across The Assembly Cafe. The menu looks fine, so we called for reservations right away.

The restaurant was really nice and has a good ambiance. It's still in the city, but away from the crowded Orchard Road. The food was not bad, too.

When we were waiting for our orders, my boyfriend went out of the restaurant and told me he will just "look for shoes" as there is a shoe store near the restaurant, and because he is literally obsessed with shoes. I was really dismayed when he bolted out of the restaurant as we were in the middle of dinner, and not to mention, my birthday dinner!!! A couple of minutes later he went back in, and he is handing me over a gift! I think I became teary-eyed at that time hahaha, and was really ready to get mad at him because I was really disappointed when I was left alone for shoes! You naughty, man! He gifted me a nice pair of Pandora pearl earrings. We were together the whole time, and I didn't notice at all that he was carrying a gift! Thank you, honey!

Anyway, after the movie and before dinner, we actually went shopping a bit, and while we were at Takashimaya, Kevin noticed a Gundam expo. Besides shoes, this is the other thing he's obsessed with. So naturally, we went in, and he ended up buying three boxes of gundam. He was even contemplating of buying a big box of a gundam, but he was worried about how to bring it over to his flight because it was really huge, so he just let it go lol.

And this ends my #BirthdayWeekend series! Thank you, Kevin, for flying over, and spending my birthday with me! ♥️

I am 24 years old already. OMG.


The Assembly Ground
The Cathay
2 Handy Road #01-21
Singapore 229233
+65 6733 3375

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