An Introduction

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I am not a writer, and heck I'm not good at writing either. I just want to have a journal, an outlet per se, so in the future I can go back through my old posts and re-read them. I like that feeling of going back in the past and reminisce the times. I'm not sure if this is usually the reason behind creating a blog. But as for me, it is this. 

I have created lots of introductions like these before for my past abandoned and forgotten blogs. You may know me from or, but these two, unfortunately, have taken their tolls, like countless of others. Hopefully, I can maintain this, and this will be my last "blog introduction". 

Actually, I have thought of another reason for wanting to have a blog: to better my writing skills -- or lack thereof. In the past, one of the many reasons why I cannot maintain a blog is because I cannot express myself enough for it to be translated into a decent post. God knows how many revisions I have to do for a post to be published. Or maybe I am just intimidated? But I think now, I can, I've been better. Therefore, through this blog, I will practice. I kind of still suck though, so bear with me. You may ask me, what made you to go back to blogging again? I think 90% of my decision to blog again is because of the bloggers I have met through the years. They may not know me, but I have been following them ever since (okay, that sounded creepy). But seriously, their blogs and posts are so inspiring, so I want to have something like it. The other 10% maybe, because it's cool to have a blog. Haha.

Anyway, I think this is the time I introduce myself. My name is Clarisa. And hello! You will get to know me better later. So, you'll stick around, yes?

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